The Zuzu Welsh Band


Fault Line 

Large $15

(blue, red, black or purple)

Medium $15 

(red, black or purple)

YOUTH MEDIUM (yellow only):

Available in youth size medium (in yellow) and adult sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL, these shirts display your support for the band! And the price is easy on the wallet, just $15 each. Also available in purple, red or black, with white printing, in S-M-L-XL-2XL-3XL  sizes for now.  Specify color - red, black, purple or blue - when ordering. 3XL $20, all other sizes $15. 

Pick up 2014's critically-acclaimed debut release The Road Less Traveled. Featuring "My Hero", "Precious Time", "Belly of The Beast" and more, the CD showcases the broad range of influences and styles of writing and playing the band started with.  

We know some of you are just not media types. You love music but you don't want to have to deal with a CD and all the packaging. Well this is for you - a convenient download card to use to go to CDBaby's website and download the album. So, no pictures, no silly thank yous to read, just real music. Enjoy! Just ten bucks including postage!

From now until the end of the year, with ANY merchandise purchase receive a FREE download card of the first edition of Fault Line. 

Custom-made, unique ear rings utilizing Zuzu Welsh Band picks and assorted beads and other pieces. When ordering, specifiy which of the sets in the image below you want. First-come, first-serve on inventory, but all configurations can be custom-made to order.  $12-15 a pair. 

Extra-Large $15

(blue, red, purple or black)

2XL,  $15 (red, black, purple, blue)

3XL,  $20 (red, purple or black)

Featuring "Killing Fields", "Changes In Me", "The Bottle Brought Me Down" and more, the new release is sure to please fans old and new alike. Ten original songs covering blues, rock, and even a ballad, a total shift in direction from The Road Less Traveled but a well-crafted CD. Featuring the steady drumming of Dana Koone, solid bottom end of Johnny Haisman, vocals from Zuzu and excellent guitar work of Abbot and Zuzu, definitely worth the investment.  $15 including shipping. 


Small $15 (purple)

Fault Line CDBaby Download Card

FIVE PACK PICKS:    5 for $3

SINGLE PICK:      $1 each

.8mm White Delrin picks, with black logo. Will sell them individually for $1 including postage, or 5 for $3 including postage. Select the top "Add to cart" to buy an individual pick, or the bottom "Add to Cart" to select the five pack. 

The Road Less Traveled