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Dammit son!! I'm officially dubbing you as the the East Tn King Of Blues!

Fault Line

Fault Line is the debut release from Asheville's own Zuzu Welsh Band.  This band can rock it out, folks!  Zuzu Welsh does the writing, but the real star here is the musical collective of these fine musicians.  They have two of the most gifted lead guitarists in western North Carolina.  Zuzu's playing is rooted in the blues and plays with a passion much like Eric Clapton.  Abbot Grivich compliments Zuzu perfectly with workman like precision and a southern rock feel.  Vocalist Bobby Hicks brings energy and grit to the sound.  The rhythm section of Dana Koone on percussion and Johnny Haisman on bass fill out and drive the rocking beat of the band.  If you like your rock served with Carolina cooking and a dash of blues , then you need to give this cd a listen.  The Zuzu Welsh Band deserves to be heard! -

The Blueshound, Asheville Free Media WSLM-FM 103.3 Asheville.  May 13, 2016

To read a review of our first CD, The Road Less Traveled, click here:

“A beautiful CD of rock blues folk with insightful lyrics and great arrangements. You should be on Austin City Limits my friend. The entire CD kicks ass”- Sinn McTavish, Online Review (Nov 19, 2014)

“Damn you Zuzu for being so catchy! "My past is just the past...." This album has something to help anyone and everyone 'Embrace Life' ! Thank you Zuzu Welsh Band”- The Geezer, Artist International Independent Radio (Nov 16, 2014)

The Zuzu Welsh Band

In September of 2014, four musicians came together to rehearse material for a one-off show at Brevard College. Abbot Grivich, Johnny Haisman, Dana Koone and Zuzu Welsh worked on material from the as-yet-unreleased "The Road Less Traveled" to perform on October 3, 2014, along with a cover of the Eric Clapton blues number "Before You Accuse Me". Who knew what those seeds would lead to. 

​Three years and 220 shows later, the Zuzu Welsh Band is one of the hardest working and busiest bands in Asheville. Along with occasional member Jennifer Worthen (who appeared on both CDs and has shared the stage once or twice), the band aims to have fun and transfer that fun to the audience. And now, let's meet the band: Zuzu Welsh has been playing guitar since the 1970s, performing in a variety of bands doing everything from traditional mountain music to alternative rock and roll, with artists as diverse as Dulcimer Dan, Danny and the Do-whats, Harlequin Jones, Mojo Collins, Avatar, The Edible Wild, Coyote, Reality In Exile, Jigawatt, SouledOut, Southern Express, Saturday In The Park, The Zoodles, and now with his own band, The zuzu Welsh Band. He also has guested with the likes of Chuck Berry, BB King, BJ Leiderman and Jeff Thompson. Zuzu wrote all of the original material the band does, which can be heard on The Road Less Traveled and Fault Line, both available here on our website and at other online outlets. Johnny Haisman plays bass from a background in hardcore metal music. He confesses to an unusual fascination with aliens. He has been playing the guitar and bass for longer than he can remember, as he attributes his mad skills on stringed instruments to a long-ago interaction with aliens who taught him to play. In addition to playing with the Zuzu Welsh Band, Johnny is guitarist with Asheville-area band My Blue Hoodie.
Dana Koone has been playing drums for 9 years, in a variety of bands performing Americana, rock and blues. Dana also served in our armed forces as a member of the United States Marine Corp, in Iceland, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. He plays traditional kit as well as cajon and djembe.

Jen Wo has performed all over, and was the pleasing female voice all over The Road Less Traveled and Fault Line. While she does not appear at every show, she brings passion, fashion and flair to the stage whenever she joins us.
Together, the band brings a tight solid sound to the stage with a keen ear towards adjusting to what the audience is enjoying, while presenting the mixture of cover and original material. With top-notch musicianship, well-crafted originals and a collection of cover tunes you are sure to enjoy, the band’s primary goal is for the audience to have a great time. For more information, please visit:


"Belly Of The Beast"
"That guitar playing would make Eric Clapton proud, somewhere he is giving two thumbs up right now" - Ray Brown,

"...innocent and vulnerable..."

"Hey man. Finally got the chance to sit down and listen to the cd the other day. I really dig it. I love how personal the songs are, and how you can't place this cd in any one genre of music. It's very innocent and vulnerable, but in a way that says it's that way because that's how you want it. You can really tell it in the harmonies especially. Good job man. Something to be proud of." - Mat Sigmon, Berklee School of Music

“Jstn Green, of Just An Expression: "I should also mention at this point that My Hero is one of the best songs I have ever heard in that genre. Right up there with Cat's in the Cradle, and Leader of the Band. Your Dad should be so pleased."”- Jstn Green, Facebook (Oct 10, 2014)

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