The Zuzu Welsh Band is available for your reception, private party or corporate event. With rate packages as low as $500, we can accommodate your budget and your needs. Versatility to play everything from oldies to country to blues, an ability to learn specific songs as requested by you and an easy manner to work with combine to make us the ideal live music solution for your event. Contact us at for more details or a quote. 

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If you need to hone your air guitar skills, THIS is the album. I don't play air guitar a lot when listening to music (okay, more than I'd like to admit), but found myself doing it to every song on this album. Yes, the lyrics are good, and the vocals fit them, but it's the guitar that really stands out. "Yeah, those other instruments are okay, but check ME out!" I challenge you to listen to this album and not find yourself in air guitar mode. You just can't do it.

"There's a fault line running through me,
It's like I'm trapped inside of a dream..."

Fault Line Reviews

​Our office on June 3rd, Lake View Docks. 440 slips of gorgeous watercraft, wonderful scenery, an amazingly friend staff....Returning for John's birthday on July 15th will be awesome.




Fault Line is the debut release from Asheville's own Zuzu Welsh Band.  This band can rock it out, folks!  Zuzu Welsh does the writing, but the real star here is the musical collective of these fine musicians.  They have two of the most gifted lead guitarists in western North Carolina.  Zuzu's playing is rooted in the blues and plays with a passion much like Eric Clapton.  Abbot Grivich compliments Zuzu perfectly with workman like precision and a southern rock feel.  Vocalist Bobby Hicks brings energy and grit to the sound.  The rhythm section of Dana Koone on percussion and Johnny Haisman on bass fill out and drive the rocking beat of the band.  If you like your rock served with Carolina cooking and a dash of blues , then you need to give this cd a listen.  The Zuzu Welsh Band deserves to be heard! - Ray Brown

Late Night Lonesome Prisoner Blues
A song that sprung from a random conversation. 

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2017 Off To A Rousing, Busy and Successful Start

2017 has shaped up to be the best year yet for the band. More shows booked, new originals, tight new line-up, and rave reviews in the press. The release of Full Disclosure to the film festivals after a cast-only showing at The Social that includes three Zuzu Welsh original songs in the film and on the soundtrack. Headline slot at the June 10th Dumplin Valley Concert in Jefferson City, TN. A slot at the 2017 River Valley Blues Festival. A slot at the spring Homeward Bound benefit at The Social and a slot at the Labor Day weekend Socialfest. 

We also will be bringing in some new originals - Gone Too Soon and Burden are ready to start working on and Mark has four or five original songs that I think will fit in well also. 


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The Zuzu Welsh Band

For all my life, it seems, music as been central. As a child, I remember music - the ​classic rock of the 1960s as my mother worked around the house. Influenc​es like CCR, The Beatles, Cream, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Elvis Presley, all in my ears. As I grew older, I realized I wanted to play, and I took up the guitar. And here I am, more than 30 years down the road, still playing my way down the road less traveled. 

The Zuzu Welsh Band

The Bottle Brought Me Down
Take the cap off and you'll drown



August 5th - French Broad Outfitters at Hominy Creek. 6-9PM

August 11th - Winding Creek Brewery, Columbus NC 7-10PM

August 19th/20th - The 3rd Annual River Valley Blues Festival at Salvage Station. $25 Saturday/$25 Sunday/$40 weekend tickets. Click HERE for more information.

August 25th - Biltmore Lake social, 6-9PM

August 27th - Grey Eagle, with 28 Pages opening. 

Belly Of The Beast
We have all been down before...